Are you a rabid gaming addict? Or just a casual gamer who likes to play when they can? We don’t care if you are a hardcore game lover that sleeps with their keyboard next to them in bed, or just a fly by night dabbler who enjoys a bit of digital fun. At GameDuchess, we are are a friendly family of all kinds of gamers. Girl gamers, guy gamers, crazy MMO warriors, dedicated FPS snipers, high fantasy RP players… you get the picture. Just no Candy Crush or that kind of crap. No, seriously, get out.

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Who are we? Well, we’re gamers who eat, breathe, and dream about the latest awesome title about to drop, while still modding and playing classic favorites 10 years old and counting. We’ll go retro for a walk through Oblivion, or dive in with our squad for a bit of post-apocalyptic gunfire exchange in The Division. If there is a game that doesn’t suck, we’ll probably be playing and modding it if we can. If it does suck, we’re still likely mucking with it so we can make fun of it in videos, and write scathing reviews of how badly it fails. is just getting started, but we hope for great things in the future. Like real reviews of games that don’t sound like your mom wrote them. Which means, if we f*cking hate it, we are going to say that — even if someone gave it to us for free. Also, we want to talk about mods, mods, and more mods. Because some of the most awesome talent out there isn’t working for the gaming companies. They are coding, tweaking and making magnificent game content purely out of love for the craft. You should know who they are and what kinds of amazing damn things they are giving us gamers for bloody free.

Our staff right now is small, but we hope to grow as the site grows, bringing on awesome volunteers and contributors who just want to talk about their love of video games. Or make awesome or ridiculous videos about it. So, if you feel like you might have something you want to contribute, just a little or a whole lot, give us a yell at editor (@) or through the contact page.

Our Staff

EVE OnlineEditor-in-Chief & Social Media Manager

L. A. Vess — editor (@)

About L. A.: With 20 years of experience in print and online media behind her, L. A. decided she didn’t just want to blog about reality TV and celebrity gossip anymore. Instead, L. A. wanted to take the plunge and write about her true favorite form of entertainment — gaming. After all, there are only so many seasons of The Bachelor you can recap before losing your mind. They say that the best thing in life is having a job doing what you love. Thus, was born, and she hopes you’ll like what the site eventually grows into in the future.

Social: Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | Imgur | Tumblr | Twitch | YouTube

12325266_197234350654625_779317052_nAssociate Editor

Nicole Rikke — eagle (@)

About Nicole: Elizabeth studied forensic science at the University of Phoenix in Arizona. Soon after college, Nicole took interest in the gaming industry. She was trained in video recordings and editing by Jerry Collins and began making her own videos. Soon, she progressed into modding, trained by Tabitha Ann, and became intrigued by Cosplay. Receiving material and tutorials from Emma Lowein and Cosplay star, FriscoBlondie, Nicole then began creating her own costumes.

For help or tutorials on modding, cosplay, and more, stay tuned here on or email Nicole at the address above.

Social: Facebook | YouTube

Dragon Age 2 2Copy Editor

Chris S. Witwer — cswitwer (@)

About Chris: While Chris is more passionate about games that involve her walking endless amounts of miles in the actual world (cough, Ingress), she happily allows her wacky wife L. A. to spend her play time in the virtual world. Thankfully, she’s also a brilliant writer and copy editor, and helps to keep L. A. in line when she starts using too many cuss words to describe why she hates trying to mod Fallout 4 without an official creation kit available yet.

Social: Twitter

meWeb Developer

Chris H. – CRD Designs

About CRD Designs: CRD Designs operates under the premise of if you can think of it, I can do it. I develop solutions for business systems as well as build client specific websites. My solutions are solid and future proof as ensured by developing with the latest technology. In keeping with defined best practices, solutions provided by CRD Designs will work harmoniously with existing digital operations.

Writer’s Guidelines 

We are currently not hiring any paid staff writers at this time. However, we are open to volunteer and guest contributors if you are interested in writing for us, sharing videos, doing a podcast, etc. More opportunities will be available for contributors as the site grows over time, including paid positions in the future.

Please note that while we may play it a bit fast and loose on, some passing knowledge of the ins and outs of the English language is necessary. Blogging experience is also highly welcomed (although not required). Pitches, story ideas, or just random questions about possible collaborations can be sent to editor (@)


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