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Deus Mons is a fairly large player home that is very popular on the download list for Skyrim mods. Although the creator has abandoned the mod and has no further plans of updating it, mod users continue to favor it. It is recommended you download the oldest version of the house because the newer version has had many additions to it that the creator doesn’t enjoy. Deus Mons is located atop a peak south of the Throat of the World. However, be sure to head to Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead and look for a book in one of the rooms. It doesn’t serve much purpose, but gives a nice back story.


It features a capacious amount of space, with rooms including an armory, enchanting table, alchemy table, multiple bedrooms, kitchen, and much more. I would recommend this home greatly, if you’re into lots of space and casing your weapons and armor. You might get lost occasionally, for there are many doors! But I, myself, enjoy the surprise!




There have been reports of the dragon priest masks and some chests resetting and users losing their loot in the newest updates. It is recommended you remove everything from the forge area chests as well as the dragon priest masks when updating.

Game crashes on startup are due to not having the esm (which is the master file for this mod) enabled with the esp file.

Rumor has it that it may be incompatible with Sjel Blad Castel ( ) because it may be located in the same area. So be careful before installing!

And lastly, the creator has stated it may interfere with other player home mods, but he has tested three of his own and it seems to work fine.

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Dues Mons player home can be found on the Skyrim Nexus at

I hope you give this mod a shot, if you’re interested, and enjoy it as I did, and please don’t forget; always endorse 🙂

Associate Editor, Nicole Rikke

Authored by: Nicole Rikke

About Nicole: Elizabeth studied forensic science at the University of Phoenix, in Phoenix, Arizona. Soon after college, Nicole took interest in the gaming industry. She was trained in video recordings and editing by Jerry Collins and began making her own videos. Soon, she progressed into modding, trained by Tabitha Ann, and became intrigued by Cosplay. Receiving material and tutorials from Emma Lowein and Cosplay star, FriscoBlondie, Nicole then began creating her own costumes.

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