Fallout 4 Gameplay Video: F**king Crazy Robot

There is nothing I love more in Bethesda games like Fallout 4 than when we run across hilarious dialogue sequences like the one we happened across today. Leave it to those crazy Bethesda game creators to scatter these little gems for us players who delight in a bit of crude humor.

When I happened upon a robot while strolling through the wasteland looking for supplies, I almost started blasting away at it immediately. I was glad I didn’t, however, because the dialogue interactions turned out to be quite amusing. At first I tried reasoning with the robot, using every non-confrontational dialogue option available. When every single one ended up with the robot attacking me hardcore, I finally reloaded one more time and tried the final dialogue choice I hadn’t clicked yet. This was the LOL worthy result.

Thank you once again to Bethesda for making me remember why I so love your games, even if you do leave all the hard work of bug fixes and graphics improvements to the modders, rather than bothering to worry about those things yourselves.

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