Fallout 4 Mods: Better Sitting & Jumping Animations

Sometimes it is the smallest mods that make a real difference in game immersion. For me, having good movement animations is always one of those really important little things. When I started playing Fallout 4, I noticed right away that there were a few basic animations that really bugged me. To be fair, there is nothing really wrong with Bethesda’s base animations. They just aren’t quite my style in some cases.

For example, I have no interest in my female character sitting in a chair or a bench like she’s wearing a prom dress. The female sit animation is far too girly and demure for me. I wanted my girl to lounge around like the confident, dangerous badass she is. In other words, why couldn’t my female sit like the guys? Thankfully, there’s a mod for that – Better Female Sitting.

What about the irritating fact that my character could barely even hop over a sidewalk curb when she’s supposed to be able to take down a super mutant with a pipe iron? Yeah, that didn’t work for me. So I had to grab the Jump That Fence mod to increase jump height to something a parkour expert could be proud of, without it being outrageously unrealistic.

Lastly, I really hate when a game doesn’t give you the option to just sit your ass down somewhere. Sometimes I just want my character to cop a squat and sit the f**k down. Maybe I want to take a cool screenshot, or maybe I’m having a role-play moment that requires a bit of sitting. I never have figured out why this just isn’t standard in any game. Happily, I was able to pick up the Sit Anywhere mod to rectify this lack. The only thing that would make it better would be to link the ability to wait or sleep to sitting. I’m sure someone will figure that out soon enough.

So that’s my little mod compilation of Fallout 4 animation goodies for the day. Enjoy!

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