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Love your Fallout 4 character and want to keep using him/her in playthrough after playthrough? Change up your mods and need to start fresh but don’t want to have to remake your character? Or did you find a premade character out there you want to transplant their face onto your toon? Well, luckily, there’s a mod for that! Check out the tutorial above on how to use the mod, or read on for more info.

Now that I’ve gone through my initial playthrough of Fallout 4, I mess with a lot of mods. Right now that can mean I’m going to mess things up pretty badly, and have to start over with a fresh game. I don’t want to give up my carefully crafted character, however. Since it’s a pain to recreate a toon from scratch, I turn to the brilliant Face Ripper tool by xatmos, posted on Nexus.

This very simple mod program allows you to instantly transfer the face, eyes, and even hair of a character from a previous save game (even if that save game won’t work anymore because you changed all your mods) to a fresh, new save game. It takes only a moment to download, and it’s extremely easy to use. Face Ripper even supports mod hair and eyes, as long as you have those mods activated in your new save game.

My character after using the Face Ripper tool transfer from a prior save.

My character after using the Face Ripper tool transfer from a prior save.

Here’s the basic rundown of how the mod works. First, create a new character in Fallout 4 and save at whatever point you wish. I like to save right before Vault 111 exit just in case I want to tweak anything about the character’s look without having to use clunky console commands later. Make sure to backup this new save on your desktop or somewhere temporarily, just in case.

  1. Download the Face Ripper tool wherever you like (it doesn’t have to be anywhere in particular) and fire it up.
  2. In the top slot where it says “Source Save or Plugin” browse to your Fallout 4 saves file and select the save you want the face/hair/eyes to come FROM and select it.
  3. In the bottom slot where it says “Target Save or Plugin” browse to your Fallout 4 saves file and select the new save.
  4. Make sure that “Player – 7” is selected for both source and target files.
  5. Click transfer face, and the old face will be transferred and a new merged save will be made.
  6. Load up your game, and the new save should be at the top of your saves list. Play on!

Sometimes the skin color may not transfer properly, which is why I advise making your new save before you exit the Vault. (Although you can transfer faces to ANY save at any point in a playthrough and just use showlooksmenu console command to fix this.)

For those who want to use the Face Ripper tool in a bigger way, this handly little mod can also be used to transfer appearances between player character creations and NPCs, or even between two different NPCs. Read up on how to use the more advanced features of Face Ripper on the mod description page.

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