Mass Effect 1 Gameplay Video: Feeling Nostalgic

With Mass Effect Andromeda looming on the horizon, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to take a ride back to the very beginning of the series. Mass Effect 1 was released ten years ago, way back in 2007. For being a decade old, the game still stands up well, even if the graphics seem dated to a modern gamer.

Still, with a slight bit of graphical modding, primarily with MEUITM and ENB and SweetFX for Mass Effect 1, the game actually looks not too bad in comparison even with some more recent titles. Regardless, the Mass Effect games are still, for me, all about the story and characters at heart.

After cranking up the graphics a bit, I set out to do a runthrough of the first game in a new class I’d never tried before, Vanguard. Just to enjoy the whole beginning of it all again with a fresh coat of paint.

I may or may not actually finish the run through, since I’ve played ME1 all the way to the end twice already, but it’s something to keep me in the groove until I can get my greedy little hands on Mass Effect Andromeda. Plus, it will be fun to compare between the first game and the most recent, having just gone back to the start of it all.

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