Skyrim Roleplay: The Dragonborn Legacy

Skyrim Roleplay: The Dragonborn Legacy


Legacy of the Dragonborn is a “massive” mod designed to bring new life into the game of Skyrim. In truth, the mod should really be considered an unofficial expansion pack, or DLC, for the game. Legacy not only adds a huge collector’s museum to the city of Solitude in Skyrim, it also adds quests, NPCs, unique items, a luxury player home, and so much more. In addition, the mod either integrates or provides support to dozens of other questing and collecting mods.

This astounding mod inspired me to undertake a whole new play-through of Skyrim from the point of view of a ‘Relic Hunter’ for the Dragonborn Gallery Museum. This ‘beginning’ for the game is an optional add-on to the mod that can be accessed by using the Alternate Start Live Another Live mod in conjunction with it.

My character, Sorcha Caria, is a Breton scholar and adventurer lately arrived in Solitude to take up a position at the museum offered to her by friend and gallery curator Aureyn Morellus. Her task will be to search out and collect artifacts for display at the museum, using her skills of persuasion, combat, magic, and archaeology.

Sorcha is the descendant of one of the legendary Keepers of Mehrunes’ Razor, and related to the Hargraven Drascua, leader of the Forsworn of Dead Crone Rock, although she does not know these things at the beginning of her adventures in Skyrim. She only knows that she was named after some ancestor of note, and hopes to uncover the origin of her name during her research and adventures.

Sorcha arrives in Solitude to begin her new life.

Sorcha arrives in Solitude to begin her new life.

Sorcha is also the great-great granddaughter of Detritus Caria (Morrowind), known commonly in the family as “that hoarder of junk.” His obsession with collecting even mundane, ordinary items, may just be a genetic trait passed down the generations to Sorcha.

The adventures of Sorcha as a Relic Hunter will be recorded here at in a serious of journal entries, originally made in game using the Take Notes mod. This page will be updated with new chapters as they are written.

Click here for the full mod list used by GameDuchess in the Legacy of the Dragonborn role-play series.

We hope you enjoy Sorcha’s adventures! Get started below!

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  1. Dbuzzyb at 9:18 pm

    This is brilliant Duchess really well done, I have just come across the “hagraven wannabee” myself in my travels, its a wonder we didnt bump into one another 😉
    I am so looking forwards to the ongoing journey of Sorchas coming adventures

    • GameDuchess at 9:07 am

      Thank you for the lovely comment! I’m having a lot of fun with this playthrough. Always nice to meet a fellow Skyrim adventurer!

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