This page contains all the Skyrim mods currently in use by author GameDuchess for her game videos and screenshots. Please note that due to how incredibly time-consuming it would be to make this list linked to each file, we recommend that you simply Google to find the mod you are interested in.


Almost all mods listed are available on the Nexus. If you have questions about a particular mod, you can contact GameDuchess at gaminggirlnews (at) or use the contact page form here.

GameDuchess is a happy user of Nexus Mod Manager, and no, she has absolutely no interest in switching to anything else at this time, but thank you for constantly telling her she should. Other absolutely recommended Skyrim add-ons include SKSE, LOOT, Wyre Bash, TES5Edit, Merge Plugins, and NPCProc.

Images from NMM Mod List show mods in approximate order in which they were installed. LOOT auto-sort was used for the mods list until the 3.4 People of Skyrim folder. At that point, LOOT was not used again and the rest of the mods were sorted by hand. LOOT does not sort all mods correctly, so that’s why I do my list this way.

In pretty much every case, any updates to a mod were combined in a folder with that mod before installation, and so you won’t see those updates listed separately. Some random mods were unpacked and repacked into combo folders. For example, I have four adoptable children mods that are all packaged as “Adoptable Children”. All merged patches & mods were checked in game as thoroughly as possible after merging to make sure they worked. Everything in the folders that say “Merged” were merged with all the other entries in that folder.

If you have any questions about my mod load order or list that I might be able to help you with, let me know. If you have any comments about incompatibilities or load order issues I might have missed, please also let me know! I’ve been playing with about this same setup for a while now with no major issues, but you never know what craziness might crop up around the next corner. 🙂

– L. A. Vess, AKA GameDuchess

Current load order export from LOOT can be found after the mod list.

*Akamoor Fantasy ENB for NLA data files and Rudy ENB for NLA data files are used alternately, not at the same time. Thus why one of them is inactivated below.

>> Click here for GameDuchess’ Mod LOOT Order List (pop-up window)