Skyrim Mods: Legacy of the Dragonborn

After all these years, it is rare that a Skyrim mod can really get me excited anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of great mods being made. However, there are so many truly astounding mods out there already, it takes a lot to really impress at this stage of the game. One of the mods that has absolutely knocked my socks off recently though is Legacy of the Dragonborn. This is a game changing mod of epic proportions that can make Skyrim feel like a whole brand new adventure.

Sorcha tours the Dragonborn Gallery in Solitude

Sorcha tours the Dragonborn Gallery in Solitude

Legacy is a self-described “massive” mod designed to bring new life into a game that many fans have played so many times they can’t even count. Really, this mod should be thought of as more of an unofficial expansion pack. Bethesda wishes they had thought to make this DLC and sell it to all of us rabid fans at a premium price. Instead, we get it for free! (Although I heartily encourage donations to excellent modders such as Legacy creator icecreamassassin.)

The astonishing Legacy of the Dragonborn mod is really many different mods all wrapped up into one. First off, it adds a stunning and huge museum in Solitude for all the Skyrim hoarders to finally properly display all those awesome quest items, weapons, armor, etc. in a lore-friendly and beautiful way. This museum is a true crown jewel in the capital city. Gorgeous rooms are filled with interactive item displays for all the artifacts you collect during your adventures. An enormous armory wing accommodates an astounding number of armor and weapon displays. Secret passages and areas hide powerful magical items and those collections you might not want the public to see. You really just have to see it all to believe it.

The Legacy museum has been updated to be even more glorious since I made the video below, and I actually missed a few areas in my tour (it’s so big!), but you can get a bit of a feel of what I’m talking about.


As an added bonus, there is also an attached luxury player home with all of the amenities, including a room for followers or children and an awesome hot springs out back for bathing with an incredible view. I personally just love sitting on the outdoor patio of the house (which features two different decorating options), and looking out over the city of Solitude. The museum and player home are just so beautifully integrated into it all.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Museum in Solitude

Legacy of the Dragonborn Museum in Solitude

The museum and player home, however, are just the tip of the iceberg to Legacy of the Dragonborn. The mod also adds a whole new main quest line to the game to collect and stock the museum’s exhibits. If you use the Alternative Start Live Another Life mod, you can actually start the game as a freshly hired Relic Hunter at the museum (with a custom armor set!). Or, you can just play the game as usual and integrate Legacy into your playthrough however you wish. Although I do highly recommend going there very early in your game if you do, because Legacy should really be the center point of any playthrough that includes it.

There are so many great things added to the game with Legacy that it’s hard to give a brief summary of them all! One of the other must mention aspects to the mod, however, is that it also integrates dozens of other quest/collecting mods, and provides automatic support or patches for several dozen other extremely popular mods. So, for example, if you play through the Falskaar or Undeath mods while you have Legacy installed, displays for items collected in those mods will appear in the museum! How cool is that?

There’s so much more, but it’s probably best just to read up all about it yourself on the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod page at Nexus. Plus, the mod creator is still adding more content to it right now as he works on polishing it into it’s final form. After that, icecreamassassin plans an independent expansion for Legacy titled Odyssey that sounds simply spectacular as well.

Legacy of the Dragonborn is, in my humble opinion, the best new Skyrim mod to come out for the game in years. I put it up in my top ten list of favorite Skyrim mods of all time. In fact, I love it so much, it has inspired me to create a whole roleplay fanfic and video series around it here on Now that’s being in love with a mod!

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