The Division Mods: Wasteland Grit Futility Reshade

The Division is a graphically beautiful game to play, even if the landscape does tend to get a bit repetitive after a while. However, I felt like it was missing something visually when I first started running through the game.

The atmosphere of the city was just a bit off. I didn’t really feel the whole post-apocalyptic virus disaster vibe I wanted to when I was looking around, despite all the abandoned cars, roadblocks and trash piled up everywhere.

The Division vanilla & Wasteland Grit reshade comparision

The Division vanilla & Wasteland Grit reshade comparison

To me, the city just seemed a little washed out, but also too colorful. Like there just wasn’t enough depth and darkness to the catastrophe ravaged Big Apple. So when a modding buddy of mine mentioned that her Fallout 4 reshade also looked awesome with The Division, I just had to try it out. Now, I’m totally in love with the Wasteland Grit – Futility reshade and the game finally matches my mental picture of what I want my The Division New York to look like.

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The Division with Wasteland Grit – Futility reshade

The Wasteland Grit reshades were originally created by dracofish aka MelissaGT for Fallout 4. There are a variety of different versions, but my favorite is the lastest version, Futility. Since the reshade setting worked so gorgeously in Fallout 4, the creator decided to try it out on The Division and see what it would look like. The result is, in a word, awesome. The city looks harder, darker, and all around more intimidating.

A grittier, darker post-disaster New York

A grittier, darker post-disaster New York

After testing out the Wasteland Grit – Futility reshade in The Division, dracofish released a version of it specifically for the game. No worries if you’ve never used a reshade before, it’s actually very simple to do and try out. Also easily removed if it turns out you don’t like the look in your game. All you have to do is download the original legacy Reshade Framework 1.1. (The latest version will not work!) Unzip and drop that into your The Division game folder where TheDivision.exe is located. Then, download the Wasteland Grit – Futility reshade, unzip that, grab the contents of the Wasteland Grit folder inside and drop it into the same place you just dropped the Reshade Framework — overwriting any files that it asks too. Viola! You are ready to go!

Wasteland Grit - Futility reshade makes The Division even more visually stunning

Wasteland Grit – Futility reshade makes The Division even more visually stunning

Check out a slew of more terrific photos featuring the reshade on it’s download page. If for some reason it turns out not to be quite what you are looking for, there are a slew of other The Division reshades and SweetFX settings out there for the game as well. You can find several dozen of them available for download at

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